How it Works

Think of it as if you were moving a file, your digital content (Jpeg or Mpeg4, etc.), from its source folder (downloads folder) to the destination folder.  You create channels for each player and simply drag and drop your media from your destination folder into the relevant channel.

So the digital content is assigned to a channel, the channel would be assigned to a specific player or group of players.
These players / screens can be grouped on National, Regional, Local, Store-specific level or even specific screen within a particular store or group of stores.

Therefore once you have dropped the desired digital content into the channel, that content will playback on every player/screen across the network to which that channel has been assigned.
If you have content in a national channel which has been assigned to all screens across the country, it will then playback on every screen in the country. If you place content in only the Gauteng channel then it will only playback on screens within the Gauteng region and so on and so forth.

We will do the training on site with your marketing team and you can be up and running within 15 minutes, literally.
Let us advise you on a display platform and solution that will best suit your needs.

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