Digital signage from then ‘til now – what’s new

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Digital signage as I see it – Tony Read

Well, have I been around the block with this “digital tech stuff”.  If Satellite receiver cards, GPRS and Plasma screens don’t give away my time in the industry then nothing will.

But how it has changed over the past two decades, is nothing less than amazing.
However, the fundamentals of why we use digital signage have stayed the same, these are to:

  • Attract – acquire new customers – using spectacular visuals and colors with high action
  • Interact – retain these customers using loyalty programs – time in-store increases
  • Transact – make the conversions of browsers to buyers easy by convenient payment methods – mobile phones

Now the questions I hear all over the park are also mostly the same as back then, when it all started:

  • Is it going to work for us?
  • What’s the return on investment going to be?
  • Where’s the proof that it worked for us?

I would like to chat about these independently over a few weeks / blogs.

Starting with “Attract” or acquiring new or more customers using digital signage. Which I, obviously believe in as I am still in the business after 17 years of its ups and downs.

So, as I read more, meet more captains of industry and experience more together with my own clients, I gather that everyone is very interested in deploying digital signage, but are expecting the “auto magics” to virtually jump-start their marketing and sales into new profit heights.

However, the compass needle always points to the relevance, quality and frequency of refreshing the content placed on these displays to make it successful.

Therefore, high quality, colorful and visually impacting (lots of action) and relevance to the product, audience and promotion are key to the success, which has to be measured somehow, or you will never know the success of your investment in digital signage.

“Interact”, will be for next time.