Digital Displays for Retail
Retail Displays

Inform and entertain your audience while increasing sales, converting browsers to buyers with these effective digital advertising solutions.
A must for any retail outlet, shopping mall, etc.

Digital Welcome Display Signage
Welcome Displays

When placed in strategic welcome areas, these digital displays are excellent tools to welcome and inform guests and clients.
Essential for hotels, conference and exhibition centers, hospitals and events.

Daily Promo Displays Digital
Daily Promotional Displays

Dynamic promotional displays can be changed at any time, run special offers daily without the need for costly printing.
Useful in fast food outlets, restaurants and pubs.

Digital Retail Display Signage
Corporate Communication Displays

Use digital displays for effective corporate messaging covering company performance, events and staff successes – display real time data, news, weather, twitter feeds and more!!

Digital Retail Display Signage

Touch screen displays are effective for consumers to interact with product lines while performing an upselling function successfully.
QR codes can be used to distribute additional information, such as brochures, websites, loyalty tokens, etc

TV Video Wall Display
Video Walls

State of the art free standing or wall mounted video walls can be custom built to any size.
Eye catching video walls deliver content that is visually superior to any other form of digital display.

In Transit Digital Screen for Vehicles
In-Transit Displays

Displays that offer a video platform within the transportation industry, to connect with travelers with products and services. Also providing real-time updates by integrating with live news, weather feeds and special offers, these can be effective advertising displays.

Automated dispensing machine

We supply, install and support the entire range of Automated 24 Hour Dispensing Machines.
The larger models have built in LCD HD touch screens for ordering and advertising on.
For consumer convenience and 24 hour sales, these provide great opportunities for our retailers to capitalize on.
We have a range of models to suite every retailer, small or large.
Watch video.



We provide access and training to a unique cloud-based software solution enabling remote content management across your digital display network countrywide. Our software provides excellent performance for all forms of retail, corporate and educational displays.

Manage your own digital signage system, whether it is 1x LED screen or a network consisting of thousands of displays.

You are able to manage your content per store, per region or on a national level and schedule your playlists with predetermined start and end times.

You can plan and load campaigns in advance or update content in real time including pointing to webpage URL’s.
Our system allows for multiple user access, with different user levels as you desire, giving you complete control of your network managed by your marketing team.

Software Features

Multizone Layouts

Hourly / Daily / weekly scheduling (all have start and stop times and dates programmable)

Automated playback – power saving modes set to turn the screen off and on outside of business hours

Video playback formats – most formats and sizes (1920 x 1080, 16:9) Full HD and up to 4K at present

Push Ticker Tape messages to scroll at the bottom of the screen (RSS, such as newsfeeds, etc)

Kiosk mode functionality – Adverts will run until someone is detected in front of or touches the screen, then the touch screen app will kick in

Hardware Installation

We have a great technical team who handle all installations.  From site visits to determine your specific needs to final installation sign-off and ongoing support, we are here to make your switch to digital signage as smooth and effortless as possible.

We aim to provide ongoing training for new technicians as a way to create employment opportunities for those entering the workplace. Once trained, we will hand over the agreement to maintain the system in those regions using local people who we have trained.

We supply high visibility LCD screens and have a range of products loaded with software to support your specific digital signage needs.

Content Management

Content Creation

Design and production of photographic or videography required to produce a high quality impacting campaign.

Content Scheduling & Distribution

This can be done either by your team or outsourced to us at very reasonable rates.

Content Monitoring

This can also be done either by your team or by us as part of our monitoring & maintenance agreement.

Our content creation and management services range from basic once off pre-loading of content to full on-going monthly content management, monitoring and maintenance.
We can customise a content management package to suit your needs.

Managing your own content

Media players are pre-loaded and delivered to you or installed at each site requested, with the content provided by you. Once installed and signed off, you can then manage the content and schedule it in real time to any screen within minutes from any location as often as you like.

Letting us manage everything for you – peace of mind

Our content management team can give you that peace of mind. All you do is supply the content and we will manage the upload and scheduling of the content daily. We will monitor your network daily and proactively update you on the status of all screens and playlists.
If you don’t already have existing adverts, we are able to create them for you. We partner with a film and media team that can produce anything from simple adverts to full-scale big budget commercials.


All our installations are guaranteed for 2 years. This is a standard carry-in warranty.
Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide ongoing monitoring for your network of displays.
We offer an on-site maintenance plan or a pay per callout plan – these have a swap out warranty for quick turnaround time.
Our support team are able to assist you 24/7 as required.